Free barrister deal lets renters ‘lawyer up’ to Level Up against rogue landlords and agents

Veriwise access to justice Clerksroom direct

Renters in unsafe, unsanitary and unliveable homes can ‘lawyer up’ for free thanks to a new partnership between online claims management firm Veriwise and Clerksroom direct.

Veriwise, which takes on problems with rental properties on behalf of Britain’s 9 million private and social tenants, has partnered up with Clerksroom Direct which will provide all Veriwse clients with legal representation from over 1000 specialists barristers.

The deal will see Veriwise clients represented by expert barristers at no cost to their clients – including being represented in court and at formal meetings and in the drafting of legal letters and documents.

Veriwise founder Ajay Jagota welcomed the partnership.

He said “There’s an old quote which has always stayed with me – the justice system in Britain is open to everyone, just like the Ritz. There are people in this country who know that most problems simply disappear as soon as they get a barrister involved – but most of them don’t live in rented properties.

“At Veriwise we’re levelling up the legal playing field, giving the people the expert legal back-up they need to make sure their landlords or letting agents fulfil their legal obligations and ensure they receive any compensation due, something wealthier households take for granted.”

“Veriwise is going from strength to strength – recently recognised by the legal profession, featuring in the Law Society Gazette as an example of cutting-edge legal technology.”

“Landlord and tenant law is highly specialised and there are a wide variety of rules and regulations, but laws like the Housing Act 1988 are quite clear – landlords have a duty to keep in repair the structure of a property without the tenant being left out of pocket, and the Home (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 states every home must be fit for human habitation. This partnership gives renters the very best legal representation to ensure that those rights are protected”

Clerksroom Chief Executive Officer Stephen Ward added:

“Clerksroom Direct is a technology solution designed to give people direct access to barristers – so we’re a natural fit with Veriwise who are doing the same thing for renters.

“We’re proud to be working with Veriwise to supply specialist legal support to all their clients”

Clerksroom Direct is an online portal of 1000 specialist barristers from more than 211 chambers and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

Veriwise takes on housing disrepair claims, deposit disputes and illegal eviction claims on behalf of renters, negotiating with councils or private landlords to fix the issues quickly and claim compensation for renters from landlords and agents. In cases where the landlord or agent does not comply, Veriwise can now present the case to legal counsel who can take the case to court to ensure the landlord complies and pays any compensation.

All renters have to do is submit the issues they are experiencing with their rented home online, allowing Veriwise to identify legal breaches and follow them up with landlords to rapidly resolve the issue and seek compensation where appropriate. Veriwise is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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