Free service launched to save students from renting rip-offs


Students are spending 76% of their income on housing – but almost two in three of them end up with complaints about the quality of their accommodation.

As students around the country head to university for the start of the new academic year, a new free service has been launched to protect them from renting rip-offs.

Very Wise Student offers students a free legal support line offering advice on:

  • Disrepair
  • Boiler problems
  • Tenancy Agreement disputes
  • Damp
  • Deposit issues
  • Rodent and pest infestations
  • Revenge issues
  • Rent rises
  • Landlord visits

The service also offers tax advice, including student loans, part time work and Council Tax.

All calls are handled by qualified solicitors with at least 5 years of post-qualification experience

Very Wise Student also offers a free pre-move-in Student Accommodation Safety check of a rental property’s gas, fire and electricity safety compliance.

A free counselling helpline also offers students support with academic pressures, personal problems and money worries.

More information is available at

Very Wise Student has been launched by online claims management firm Veriswise, in partnership with a large legal insurance firm.

Veriwise founder Ajay Jagota said:

“As a Dad myself I know how stressful it can be seeing children leave the nest- not least as students are among the most vulnerable to renting rip-offs

“They have no choice but to live near their university, home ownership is largely out of the question and a lot of the time they’ve no experience of living outside of the family home. That leaves them sitting ducks for unscrupulous and uncaring landlords.

“The NUS have recently described student accommodation as ‘a major problem that needs solving’ and I couldn’t agree more, especially during a cost of living crisis. The Very Wise Student Service is there to give students advice and support when they need it most – we think it could end up being a literal lifesaver”.

Very Wise Student sister company Veriwise can take on housing disrepair claims, deposit disputes and illegal eviction claims on behalf of students should there be any issues. Students can claim compensation from landlords and/or agents if there is a valid claim which is presented to legal counsel who can take the case to court to ensure the landlord complies and pays any compensation

Notes to editors

Figures from the National Union of Students – showing the average rent for student accommodation (£6707p/a) compared to average maintenance grant (£9488)

All Very Wide Student services are free for one year – followed by an annual subscription of £60.

Veriwise is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.