Veriwise expands legal team after receiving 1000th call for help from renters.

Litigation expert Michael Jackson

A company which takes on housing disrepair, Deposit disputes and statutory breaches like illegal evictions on behalf of frustrated renters has expanded its legal team after receiving its 1000th inquiry.

Claims management firm Veriwise has added litigation expert Michael Jackson to its legal team as it responds to the hundreds of cries for help it receives each week from tenants sick of putting up with broken boilers, leaking roofs and damp and mouldy bedrooms.

Michael has over 20 years of experience working within the legal, financial and insurance sectors – as well as working as a university lecturer – and has extensive experience of landlord and tenant disputes.

Veriwise founder Ajay Jagota welcomed Michael to the Veriwise team.

He said:

“Official figures show that almost a quarter of privately rented homes and more than one in ten socially-rented homes fail to meet minimum legal standards and that 27% of UK households currently have damp or mould patches on the walls.

“Even so we are astonished by the number of tenants who come to us every day to tell us that they can’t get their landlords or letting agents to make the most essential of repairs.

“Tenants shouldn’t have to be coming to us with questions like “how long can a landlord leave you without heating” – especially over winter – but that’s exactly what they are doing.

“Up and down the country there are tenants who are living day-in day-out in disgusting or downright dangerous properties – but until now the ability to ‘lawyer up’ with a solicitor of Michael’s ability would have been completely beyond their reach.

“I am delighted that Michael has joined the team. As a specialist in landlord and tenant law, insurance claims and an expert in civil litigation he is a great addition to our expanding team. He is also a Certified Insurance Loss Adjuster with a long track record in dealing mainly with property and casualty claims and disputes both residential and commercial and his knowledge and experience will be of great assistance in getting our customers access to justice.”

Veriwise takes on claims from housing disrepair through to Deposits that have not been protected claims on behalf of all renters, negotiating with councils, private landlords or letting agents to get property maintenance issues fixed quickly or ensure the regulatory responsibilities of landlords/letting agents are adhered to and if applicable make a claim for compensation on behalf of tenants. In cases where the landlord or agent does not comply Veriwise have a growing panel of solicitors who can take the case to court to ensure the landlord or agent complies and pays any compensation.

All tenants have to do is submit the issues they are experiencing with their rented home online, allowing Veriwise to identify legal breaches and follow them up with landlords to rapidly resolve the issue and seek compensation where appropriate.

Veriwise is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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